2d Art

Hello, my name is Eli Ward. I am gathering a team of people to help me create a Prequel of the game Grimore Vengeance on indiedb.com. At the moment we have two developers, one 2d vector artists, one concept artist, one dialogue writer, one voice actor, one musician, and one video creator. I am the most worried about the art position. I was hoping to get at least two more vector artists. The game will consist of a 2d game, that transfers into a 3d game from the full version. It is a action pack, old time game, with villages, storyline, caves etc. This will be more of a help for art position and will look amazing on your portfolio. If the artists that join are well trained and good enough, the game will be published on Steam along with the full verison. I cant wait to hear back. Thanks in advance! Comment, or email me- eli.w.ward@gmail.com, or skype me- elitegamesindustries .
I need an artist VERY VERY quickly! This job will be awesome to work on. Please send me a email or comment. I can't wait to hear back from you!