Looking for a investor for my 3 stencyl games


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Hello everyone  8)

I made 3 games using the Stencyl game engine.
Their names are Patboy,Patlogic,Patformer
You can play them here

Anyway,i will be exporting these games,and i am targeting Windows,Android and GNU/linux,but i would also like to do iPhone export,but sadly i dont own a Mac and Iphone

Anyway,i would be willing to give away rights for commercial use of my games for Iphone export,implementing touchscren methods of clients choice,the same goes for links,advertisement and so on(in exchange for money off course).

I am working on oDesk as a freelancer so more details you can see here
You will be hiring me on this website,and you will be paying me/keeping contract as a job post,so everyone wins on this one

Message me details,post the comments,price is negotiable ,the same goes for conditions,maybe if you want source code rights,or export for another platform and so on.

Games are now only on flash player available



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Hi Igor,

What price were you looking for on the games?

Also, from the way it reads, you want to retain all distribution and intellectual property rights while allowing the client to just receive revenue from advertisements?

I might be interested depending on your price. However, I do not like the idea of you retaining everything (i.e. you could change something without my knowledge).


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Everything that you want to talk about we can talk over skype.

If you are willing to invest in my game,i am sure that we can make some deal out?

I will give you my skype in private message.



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Everyone can message until deal is sealed,if you are interested,message me,or post in this topic.