Tween slide breaks velocity for entire actor


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If you call new tween slide after previous one and before it had finished - this actor lose an ability to use velocity blocks ever again.
I mean, not only till the end of last tween (thats ok, and described in stencylpedia), but for entire game at this scene with this actor;
regardless of when you will call velocity again, or which behaviour from.

Even after velocity brokes: X/Y-speed blocks would return speed, like they should if actor is actually moving (but he wont).
Tween slides and "set x/y" blocks continue to working well, like nothing happens.

So, this bug isnt critical and easy to workaround. And of course i have already workaround this in my project.
But i spent about two days and half a night to locate and understood this bug: you can imagine, how hard it was, because it not a thing you can understood by deduction: only trying, only by hundreds of  builds. So, i hope you would fix it soon in respect of pain i suffered while bughunting :)
I test this on 8391 and 8417, but im pretty sure this bug has a long history.


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Guys, come on, there is nothing special im waiting from you: just tell something like "thanks for report, will fix soon".
It really hurts, when you spent so much time hunting at engine bug, and hear silence after reporting it to engine developers :(


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Thanks for the report! :) It really is appreciated, all bug reports help a lot. (I can't promise "will fix soon" -  I can take a look, maybe I have an idea to fix it, maybe not. Same goes for other devs, I guess.)


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I assume, if it couldnt be fixed soon - would be nice to put a few words about it in stencylpedia.
Its obviously not a frequent bug, but just dont wanna anyone to be at my place :)


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Sometimes I notice similar bugs.
For example, a few days ago, in one of my projects, after a spin tweening had finished, the free rotation of the actor stopped working.
i.e. free rotation was permanently locked after the spin tweening had finished, and the "[Enable] rotation for [Actor]" block did not solve the problem.
Tweening blocks do not seem fully reliable because sometimes they cause such weird and annoying problems.

I would like this bug is fixed because the tweening blocks are really necessary in many cases, and they are an essential feature.

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