Way of your day - Choose your destiny [APP][FREE][iOS]


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Here is my new app!

Way of your day

App icon:

App Store Link:

Supported devices:
iPhone, iPad

iOS version:
8.3 and higher

I present our unique application that can be your companion every day. It contains:
- 9 categories to predict
- Funny predictions with illustration
- Nice minimalistic design
- Soothing music and a good mood

Select a prediction in such categories as:
- Love
- Entertainment
- Food
- Sports
- Money
- Mood
- Work
- Clothing
- Miracles

Find out what awaits you today!
Choose the way of your day!

How to use:
As the functionality of our app is not inferior to any magic ball or a fortune-cookie. Our app is very simple to use:
1. Start app
2. Choose category
3. Wait a bit... and get your prediction!





App Store Link:

Big request:
Be sure to write about the disadvantages that you have found, it will be very helpful for us to know.


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Simple neat design. I love that. I haven't checked out the app yet.

I haven't seen many apps made with Stencyl. Almost all of the products are games ;). Good luck with your attempt.
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