IGMC (Indie Game Making Contest 2015)


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Anyone joining this ?

IGMC (Indie Game Making Contest 2015) : http://contest.gamedevfort.com/
Prizes : http://contest.gamedevfort.com/page/prizes

Prize Pool: Up to $16,209.00
Grand Prize: $6,159.42
2nd Place: $1,620.90
3rd Place: $810.45
Best Game Made In Stencyl : $324.18

Other Prizes : Blog Feature, Blog Highlight, Promotional Video, Commission Work, Live Play, Special Prizes.

Guidelines : http://contest.gamedevfort.com/page/guidelines

July 7th – August 7th, 2015 – Game Development period.
August 7th 11:59 PM UTC – Deadline for submissions. Completed games only. No late entries will be accepted!
August 7th-October 2nd – Judging period.
October 10th – Awards Ceremony and Announcements!

Criteria : All entries will be judged based on 3 Main Criteria on a scale of 0-20 points
                                  (Presentation, Gameplay, Engagement)
Penalties :  Bugs/Glitches || minus (5 -10 points)
The Twist (Bonus) : Growth || plus (0-10 points)

This contest will has a TWIST! A one word theme that your game must use in some way.
And that word is GROWTH. You can incorporate it into your gameplay, your story,
your characters or any other way you see fit. You may, if you wish,
include a 50 word description of how you used the theme word in a separate text file,
as being obvious is not always the same as being good.
Adherence to the twist can earn you and additional 0 and 10 bonus points.


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The cash prizes I posted above is as of the time I was writing.
It seems its keep going up by the minute.

Refresh the page to see the current prizes :  http://contest.gamedevfort.com/page/prizes


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July 7th – August 7th, 2015 – Game Development period.

With LD and other such game jams, the only thing stopping people from cheating is the spirit of the competition. Since this one has money, won't a lot of people cheat?

Thanks for posting rrzl. I'll try my best to get something good submitted. :)


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Yeah, there's no stopping anyone from cheating, like posting their old or almost completed game.
But, there's a catch. Using that tactic will only get you as far as 20 points max.
If you implement the "Twist" into your game, you'll get additional points (up to 10).
That'll net you 20 points + (0-10) points.

That'll at least weed out the cheaters and those bonus points I guess will determine the winner.


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Yeah, that's true.

If anybody feels like teaming up, let me know.


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This is why I don't join game jams and such when I know people will cheat anyway. I'm still new to this stuff, but I'd consider joining the next one


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I'm still new to this stuff, but I'd consider joining the next one

In my opinion, game jams are one of the best ways to learn if you are new. They force you to have a clear and concise idea because of the limited time frame. I do not enter jams expecting to win, I enter to push my to learn new techniques.


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So in this contest as long as you create a mind blowing game you will automatically win some money ?


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@dustinxf :
It depends on your goal of joining any jams or contest.
Do you hold yourself from publishing your game on the App Store / Google Play
just because there are people cheating by re-skinning the popular templates they bought?
Cheaters, prizes, all these creates challenges and more quality submissions. Winning is just a bonus.

I'd say, just have fun. Everything else is just secondary.
When I'm feeling burnt-out or hit a creative-block from my main game,
jams and contest is a good way to relax and give my mind some time-off.

@Donni11 :
There are judges and points. If you create a great game and get high points, sure, you might have a chance on winning some cash.