Split screen mode behavior


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This behavior allows a 2nd camera to be drawn below the 1st players. The behavior should detect the screen size, so the only objects to adjust are the actors to draw the screens towards.

A very special thanks to letmethink and ETHproductions for basically helping to  get this running properly, and MichaelPel for giving me the idea to attempt this.

There's only two problems with this script:

-All actors with scripts must be set to always active to run without odd slowdown.

-The game will run at around 30 FPS rather than 60. Think of this as a trade-out for having two screens.

The behavior is for download as an file attachment below. It'll also be available on Stencylforge soon enough. To use, go to Stencyl > File >Import resource. Then select the PNG file. It should appear as a scene behavior.

Here's a test game running of this behavior


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