[Solved] Error: String should be float


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Hey everyone, first time long time.    I've run into my first (seemingly) unsolvable error.   

There are solved questions with "string should be float" but can't see how that is applicable here.   I am also unable to accurately locate the line and column detailed in the error message.   Basically, this guy needs help! 

The error appears to be in a "When Updating" event named "Level Handler".  Screenshot and Log are attached. 

Level Handler: String should be Float
                               from scripts.Design_5_5_LevelHandler
                               line: 396
                               columns: 12-26

 Any help or direction would be very appreciated!


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In Final Level 1up you have a typo where you have entered - if timer = w9. The line refence from your code is referring to the file in the games generated folder and the scripts are found at:


If you opened the file there and referenced the line number you would be able to see where the error was. I happened to just see it when scanning your behaviour.


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A typo ~  Gah!

Also the tip to find the file/line number will be useful for my next goof up.  Thanks again!