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yeah if i have time , i'll try a little game based on the universe of the golden rule (not sure tough)

thanks! i didnt thought i was a guy with a lot of patience , maybe i dont know myself...
thanks a lot
the movie will have 3 part

first part 18 minutes chapter 2 revelation
second part 22 minutes chapter 3 revelation , the red rule
third part 20 minutes probably chapter 1 final revelation , the golden rule

I'm goin back a bit to my game development and i'll try to finish the movie
hope people will get the story and even beyond that (but not sure , i'm not that talented)

You are right , i should try a game based on the golden rule but it seems to be a nightmare to do it
Yeah the plot is kinda weird and not well told, sorry for that , i 'll try to finish and see if people will get the entire plot.
For the game , i dont think it will look like the movie , if i put a lot of details etc , the game will slowdown, so for the moment not sure to make it happen but for the moment.
thanks again.

some pic of the second part, it was very hard to polish it , the works are old , so some art are ankward...

thanks guys , sorry for lame late answer


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Really nice art style! It would be awesome if you did a game based on this art. :)
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Thanks Manuel

another unreleased stuff
it's from 2010

I also started music for my first game , star and light
It's the title music

the music is already kinda 1 mega , so i'm pretty sad , not sure if  i would be able to put a lot of stuff

I really like kongregate and other site to make people able to upload games heavier than 20 mega !

anyway my game would be no success since it's not a angry bird type game , so it's not big deal.

finished a little story of a comic book
The name is Like a jesus

here we go

Comic strip of like a jesus
It's free and it will be a complete upload

It will be little stories in a city of the united states , Miami

The heroine is Lilibeth (family name unknow for now)
You gonna follow her adventures into those little web comics.
She have the same abilities of Jesus +some more abilities (like flying in the air)

She is also an activist and she is against the current government and against the politicians who runs Miami.

Lilibeth can bring back to life a dead , but you have to pay 1 million dollars to her .
1 Million = 1 resurrection of your choice.

The first story features a poor guy who live in the streets for ages , lost his job, family doesnt even remember him etc
He will find a woman who will save his life...

Page 1

end of book 1.

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Wow pretty slick using stuff


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Happy new year all!
my new showreel

It's basically a mix of my animations work from 2002 to 2011
some animations between 2002 and 2005 has been done without any tablet , at this time i didnt even knew what was that.
anyway , the video is not linear at all, it's a mix , also some animations comes from projects unreleased yet.
I'm doing everything to finish them properly

hope you'll love it depsite it's 9 minutes xd


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You're so talented.. nice stuffs..


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hI komalrajsingh
Thanks for the kind words!
need to check your deviant page

Red like hell : the red ghost , episode 0

 I did this animation in 2009 so the art and work are a bit clampsy and awful
 But I did yesterday some musical stuff for this

 The piano and loops are from Minor2go

 some sounds effects are from

 Tell me your thoughts , not sure if it’s good or no



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I got a warning since the thread wasn't updated since 120 days

I dont think it's necessaray to create a new topic ?

some drawings

I'm a bit back to stencyl , also i would love some help
I'm stencyl pro and i decided to open my stencyl recently and export my game as an .exe and i got a message "i should upgrade to pro etc etc"
So how to do that ? i'm a bit lost , any help appreciated


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Just had to say that your Star&Light title theme link on youtube is great. It's just so pleasing to listen to.

Your art is also unique, would be cool if it was used in a a good game.


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Minor2go made the loops , i just re-arranged

It's him to thank mostly

For star and light it's a video game , my first real one
demo can be played here

By the way , please how to unlock the pro features ?


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Damn, Your art is amazing!


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Thanks very much!

A new one , did this morning


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My last art of 2012! (something wrong with the legs of the crocodile i think )

It's for star and light 1.0
But i'm tired , i'll let it like that unless someone have red market tocorrect it.

Happy holydays and new year everyone!

Wish the best for 2013 !

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some new stuff
creepy and strange arts (from 2013)