New Humble Bundle key vouchers, how long until they expire?

See here:

"(NOTE: Keys must be redeemed at"

How long do I have until they expire though? Because as some of you know, working in blocks is terribly difficult and is very time consuming for people like me. I wouldn't want to count down my year by using up my voucher until I had something functional and tested with just free. So any dev comment on this please?


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You have a year, and you can develop as many games as you want in that time. trust me, a year feels a lot longer than you think.
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I think what he meant, and what I was wondering as well is, if I purchase the Humble Bundle today, how long do I have to use/redeem the Key before it might expire?

For instance, most of the Humble Store % off coupons have to be used by 10/21/15 or you lose out. Is there a deadline that the Stencyl Keys have to be used/redeemed by?

On a side note, does anyone know if you need a Steam account to download some of the other products in the Game Making bundle?


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You have until January 21st, 2016 to redeem the voucher. That's 6 months out from the end of the promotion, so it should be plenty of time to figure things out.


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Thanks for the info Jon :)
That’s just what I needed to hear. Stencyl was one of the main perks for me, now to go get the bundle.


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I was looking at my Humble Bundle account, and I just noticed that under “Stencyl” it says that it expires 10/21/2015. You told me here that we had until 1/21/2016, so which is it? I don’t want to lose out on it, yet I don’t want to start the year license before I have to.


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I presume the offer to grab the key ends on 10/21/2015 and the actual key you get from redeeming it expires on 1/21/2016 if 10/21/2015if popping up for you (I would believe Jon).


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Dang, so I could've redeemed it on January? And I just redeemed it on the 20th. :D Ah, well....
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