Laser Summer Day [iOS, Android]


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L a s e r   S u m m e r   D a y

Ry the (Flying) Squirrel needs your help! He needs to pass through Fordham Forest, but has crossed paths with the wrong garden gnomes. Test your skill and reflexes in this challenging endless flyer game.

Laser Summer Day was a side project of mine, pursued mostly to give myself a break from the isometric renderer and Thief of Vallas. I like how it came out, though. I spent more time on the statistics tracker and medals than I should have--but maybe they'll encourage people to keep trying for just one more high score  8)

* Flying squirrels, garden gnomes, and laser-dodging action!
* Unlockable medals
* Statistics tracker

Available on the App Store, Google Play, and Opera Mobile Store!

All store links are here: