Tiles/actors not appearing on Android


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So I made a very simple scene with a few tiles and actors.  When I test it in flash player, it works fine.  But when I switch to Android and test on my mobile device, the tiles are completely invisible and the actors are shown as small white dots.  I had the same problem recreating a similar scene from scratch with another computer and a different phone.

The following recreates the problem for me:
-create new scene, 480x320, solid color background, 32x32 tile size
-Make new tileset, import a 32x32 .png file for a tile
-Place a few tiles on the scene
-switch platform to Android, click "test scene"
-All that is visible on phone is the solid color background, no tiles are visible.


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Check your atlases. Make sure that the atlases containing your graphics are loaded.

Settings > Atlases > Scenes
Select a scene, "Enable Atlas binding for this Scene", put a check mark next to atlases you want included in that scene.

If you want all graphics loaded in every scene, just load them all in your first scene and then disable atlas binding for every other scene.
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I have the same problem; works on flash and my brother's android phone.  Using atlases but no effects; still has actors represented by white dots.  Everything else works. 


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Yep, it was the atlas's for me. what a noob mistake