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WIth your updated version now I have two extension in my extension panel how to delete the older?

Debug -> View -> View Workspace Folder -> Stencylworks -> Engine-extensions -> Firebase Folder delete

Anyway you are speaking about a puzzle game, but...

But puzzle game was an analogy.

speed "30" multiplied by power "10" is "300" or no?
So, because sending speed and power?
Why not send just 300?

Want to send, can to send, but it is unnecessary.

I'm using the "Do every 1 seconds" event do send data so it send the right data only one time per second.

In my example I sent 12 data every 0.3 per second and there was no problem.
If you send every 1 second, how can there be problem?

I've noticed that in your youtube test the ball doesn't move, so you can't test micro-freeze...

If the number has changed without freezing, because the position of an object which is also a number would freezing?

Where there is micro-freeze here?

I've also asked about JSON parse, and this is the answer: JSON parse via Stencyl.
The problem is that I don't know how to change in-game attributes with data decoded or just how to get data from a structure decoded via this function...

Then use a list

Post STR_1 -> "x/200/y/300/speed/400/power/500/score/600"

set list to -> split -> item -> using separator "/"


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Hey gurigraphics, I didn't forget this extension... I have not much time to playtest!
To me the main problem at the moment of this extension is that we need to rely to preexisting blocks...
I mean we can't make something like "", so basically we can't make something really complex.

We should be able to post and get in every possible directory in order to take advantage of all the features of firebase.
The main problem I think isn't the POST to block (this should be an easy fix), but the GET.
I've noticed that in the .js file you declared for every INT and STR block a function in order to get the updates, presumably...
If you give the possibility to POST in every directory of firebase you need a function for every possible directory or maybe only one for every directory.
You just need to let the user be able to decide which directory get the updates (something like "GET rooms/room1/"), put all this directories in a list (or vector) and with the eval() function of javascript try to get this list and edit the main function.

These are just my ideas without know how exactly works firebase inside the extension... maybe they are all wrong! XD
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I also have not tested more.

Really would be better, use "post blocks" to create paths "rooms/room1/player1/x", "rooms/room1/player2/x" .

I tested. But it is very time consuming and confuse.

rooms/room1/player1/x or INT_1 it's the same thing. Only changes the name.

Writing "Get rooms/room1/player1/x" and "Get rooms/room1/player2/x" and "Post rooms/room1/player2/x" all the time is boring.

The problem is to update these different names. Why can not I create "global variables". So I used INT_1, INT_2 ,etc.

In development "frontend" no matter where the data is written. What matters is to be recorded somewhere.

But, I understand.

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Hello there - when I try to download the extension, I get a page with the following error:

An Error Has Occurred!
You are not allowed to access this section

Is there an alternative place to download the extension?


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I think the reason there's an error is probably because it linked to an old already deleted attachment.
Download the updated one on the bottom of the first post.


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Ah yes, that worked. Thank you!


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This extension is from the older version of Firebase. Firebase was purchased by Google and the code has changed.

New update only to next year.


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hello !

the code as change .... new update .... ????

can we use it ?

( i try this week-end but, i am not abble to make it work !
is it that i am stupid or is it logical ?)


Maybe, it will be very nice, very cool if we can dowload a project example of multiplayer game ....
in witch we just have to change some "things" (that a readme file explain) ( the @ of our firbase account etc...)
sorry for my bad english, i am French ;-)


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Update to version 3.0
Firebase 7.15.3 - May 2020
Have fun and enjoy yourself. Bye ;)


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Any advise on setting up the firebase database? I'm pretty sure that is the culprit of my struggles.. I have enabled the anonymous authentication and added the apiKey and projectid in stencyl, but i'm not able to read or write any data, not on my own game nor on the test game.  I have attached the console output.

Amazing work btw!

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Max Marin

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where can I download it :)
I'm human


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i know this is old but y is the video private