Can you update or add-on to a finished Stencyl game with DLC or such? [SOLVED]


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I'm very curious about something Stencyl can do or what you can do to your games in generally. With certain games released, with online playing a bigger role now for gaming, you can get additional content for the game to download or expansion you otherwise can't get normally.

I have this huge game idea brewing in my head, but there's going to be a few things that won't be included at first and plan to add on through free distributions (free DLC) or updates which would included extra boss fights, levels, and a few other features. Also is it possible re-upload or update the same game with fixes to the original gameplay or events (events linking to game story or places, etc.) or dialogue or codes or add in something that wasn't originally there in the game's main storyline or such.

Considering Stencyl's online features to upload a publish game it's possible I think, but what for a stand-alone or an .exe file? Would that work as well?

Am I asking too much? Cause I wanted to try this out, because I wanted to get a user to send me small requests to add in their own little side-story adventure post-game of my game idea with something they like to see just for the fun to further expand the replay or life-hood value of my game.

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You are able to update the game with the same link. Add-ons are possible.