Beat em up


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How can i make an enemie get hit by my fist? isn´t this the right way? i gave the fist another collider like "bullet" and said that this group will effect damage at the enemie. but it doesn´t work :(


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Select "Fist Colision" and "Is a sensor?" select on.
After-> Settings->Groups->Bullet->Collides With -> Select all
After-> Enemy -> Events ->Add Event-> Collisions->Member of group->Actor group->Choose group-> Bullet


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yeah thats what i did before and i did it again from skretch but it´s not working i don´t get it. :(


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Could you post a screenshot of your code ?


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Thats what i did, i gave the fist from my player another group and collison named "fist" and "fist" collides with everything as you can see on the screenshot. then i put an event on my enemie as you can see but when i hit em nothing happens....


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Try collisions between groups or reversing this so that the fist kills last collided actor.