Zombie Dispatcher for android


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Hello there!

created another small game call Zombie Dispatcher

in the ancient China, most Chinese believe the their souls are homesick after died, no matter how long or how far they stay away from home, they would like to have their bodies transport back to home land to buried when they are dead. there are few transportation method, but for the cheapest transportation method is call Xangxi Ganshi, which look like the corpses hoping in the night, but it actually carry by 2 men using 2 long bamboo.

in this game, you are the corpse dispatcher where you will need to transport back the corpse to the specific destination . and some of the journey are having long distance, but you are only allow to move during night time, so you will need to transport the corpse to the checkpoint before sunrise and continue move to destination when it sunset.

it is a simple game, tab the phone screen either 1(for short distance) or 2(for longer distance) to jump from one stepping stone to another.

happy play and enjoy the game :)

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