Mr. Block - Red vs Blue [Android]


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Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce to you my brand new game called (as the title might imply  ;D) Mr. Block - Red vs Blue!
I've created a little red and blue universe with the sole inhabitant being Mr. Block.

Here's the google play link as it's only out on Android so far (hopefully soon to be released on iPhone once I get a hold of a Mac):

In the game you have to avoid the falling blocks and be careful not to touch the spikes.
Keep Mr. Block up by tapping on either the red or the blue side of the screen and try the unique gameplay!
The gravity will force Mr. Block to fall downwards but when you tap the screen he will be pushed upwards.
You earn red or blue coins for each tap on either side.

Fully implemented with leaderboards and achievements using the Google Game Services.
Compete against your friends and family, and who knows - maybe you'll become the best Stencyler?  ;)

Complete all the achievements and unlock all the costumes!

I sincerely hope my Stencyl friends will enjoy this game! :)

 - madscs

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