Trick or Feast


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This year I decided to do the Jam instead of the competition. I was originally going to do the competition on my own, but two friends also wanted to do ludum dare, so I decided work on a game together with them. One of them did art, this was her first ludum dare and the other has a background in programming, but this was his first time using stencyl so I programmed along with him. I was left to do music, which I don't think turned out too bad considering it is the area I am worst in.

The game is rather simple considering this was a first for both of them, but I think it turned out well and we had fun!

Basically you play as a monster and eat kids on Halloween, have fun!

Arrow Keys- Move
P- Pause

Once a year, children and monsters alike go out into the night. This night is All Hallows' Eve. Kids eat candy. Monsters eat kids. You are the monster.
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Nice art.  I like the fossil-bar.
Gameplay wasn't too interesting but the graphics and the little snowman made it all worth it.

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Really cute graphics, and the music sets the tone/pace well. Skipped the intro, though I was enjoying the audio. Is the challenge simply in time attack? I basically blitzed through levels 1-5 just holding the right key, wasn't sure if I was meant to avoid some things or do anything different. Also, the 'fossil bar' is great, and could replace the kids eaten/needed text if you were to keep working on it… it's basically the same info, I think? A great effort all round, well done to the team.


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Ya, great graphics, great music. Nice idea. Good use of a team. Gameplay was pretty shallow, but you know, 3 days. :)
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Thanks!  Gameplay was definitely the sore spot and I wanted to add more elements to give an actual challenge, whether police that would come or stars that would fall from the sky and kill you, but I ran into some unfortunate bugs near the end along with issues from transferring the files from computer to computer and didn't have time.  Very glad to hear that you all did enjoy other aspects of the game!

As far as I am aware, my teammates want to continue working on this game in time for release by Halloween,  so we will see if anything becomes of this game!
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