The Banana Eater


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Hey guys, I just made a game for Ludum Dare 33 under the theme: You are the monster!

In the 2D platformer, The Banana Eater, you play as an angry, rampaging monkey who eats sentient bananas.

If you play this game, do tell me what you think. I'm going to make a post-jam version and I'm looking for some bugs to squish.

Without further a do, here's a link to the gamjolt page where The Banana Eater is hosted:

And here's the Ludum Dare page in case you're wondering.
EDIT: Fixed the link below. Thanks for pointing it out tullyhansen. :)

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Nice art-style.
The eating is nice as well.
Played only one level.

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Loved the audio and humour in this. I'd call it a roaring (omnomming?) success. LD link broken, though? Try


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If that doesn't win for Audio then LD is a sham. The music/sound effects were hilarious. Especially at the end. Beautiful. :)
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Thanks guys, I really appreciate you guys saying that! :D