Raging Snowman


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So, I've survived another Ludum Dare. This one didn't go as well as I'd hoped, mostly because I bit off more than I could chew. I was originally planning to enter it in the Compo, but I didn't have Internet access for the final hours, and the game wasn't ready to be entered anyway.

What was the biggest cause of this non-readiness? The art and animation, which took up half my time (again). From now on, I'm only going to use ideas that require little or no animation. Perhaps I'll take a hint from DreamBox Learning, an online math program, which uses individual images with a bunch of tweening for a great cartoon-y effect.

The extra 24 hours gave me much more time to polish the gameplay, but I still ran out of time for sounds, music, terrain, and more characters. Oh, well; I'll add those in the post-jam version. And next time, I'm going to plan to finish in eight hours so I can actually finish the game. :)

By some miracle of creation, a snowman has come to life and is trying to kill anyone who crosses his path! Fortunately, his only weapon—the snowball—is enticing people to join the snowball fight. Play as the Raging Snowman and clobber as many kids as you can in 60 seconds!

- WASD or arrows to move
- Mouse to aim/fire
- R to restart
- P or Q to pause/unpause

- You shrink when you throw a snowball, and grow when you're hit by one.
- If you get too big or too small, you'll suffer the consequences!
- You deal more damage when you're big.
- Face shots deal more damage, as well.
- When the 60 seconds are over, you gain points for being small and lose points for being big.

Any feedback is appreciated. Have fun! :)

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Nice production values.
I like the small snowman :D

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High marks for humour, and for the fall-apart animation for too big… also, using bits of yourself as a weapon is a trope I've enjoyed ever since since Medievil. Had fun playing a few rounds.


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Ya, great graphics, everything is smooth. I like the mechanic of needing to stay "loaded" but not too much.
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Wow !! Great game :) ! Really , really fun!

1. So the game is really great but I think you should also add music as a PostMortem.
2. You should make a more of a  delay between the humans appearing to prevent the game slowing down.