Tales of the memory monster


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Hello everybody, This is my first entry for Ludum Dare and i used Stencyl for it.  Using Stencyl for 1 year and so now.

Hope you like it.


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Did you make the font as well or did you download it somewhere? It is beautiful.

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I agree, nicely done on the game. I love the 5-key thing. Something new! I left some feedback on your LD page. Good work!
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Radu is my young padawan! I'm very proud he managed to make a game from start to finish in 48 hours.
We wanted to participate at this LD with the whole KAPPSULE team, maybe next time.


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This is an innovative attempt, gave you my reviews.
The art is great! So are the sfx.
I thing the difficulty is too steep. Maybe start with just QWE, and teach the player the game
Then gradually introduce the RTY once the player has a grip over the new gameplay mechanics that you have introduced..