Having fun modifying the engine to get the html5 export to work.


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Just on time : )
Thanks to both of you


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works great with latest version, but i get error in safari (desktop/iphone/ipad), if i use sounds. how to fix? [Error] TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'a.apply') (anonyme function) (soundjs.min.js, line 17)


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@letmethink, Hello :) , getting a error testing  html5 in 3.4 :

Full logs


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I made then [100.0,100.0] locally when testing, but haven't committed anything yet.


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There is another way to disable resize / transform?
Code: [Select]
var handleResize = false;

if(handleResize == true) {


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THanks Letmethink :)! I was happy to run my old game in html5. Few bugs with bitmap, fonts and grow effect. But it is not critical for me. My main problem is multitouch on ios and android devices (html5). Any ideas please?


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On my Mac it's not making a local server.

Level:     INFO
When:      2016-01-09 11:27:35:257
From:      stencyl.sw.app.filewatcher.ExternalAppLauncher

Local server is not up yet - checking again in 1 second.

and when I run it on my own web server I get...

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So I exported a game via HTML, and I opened "Index.HTML" in Chrome. It got to the loading screen, but it froze at around 85 %?

Why is this happening?


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So I exported a game via HTML, and I opened "Index.HTML" in Chrome. It got to the loading screen, but it froze at around 85 %? Why is this happening?
Stencyl create um local server to execute the html5 game test.
If you export the game, then you need um local server to test: http://www.uniformserver.com 
Or publish in any online server.


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Hi, guys. I need help with multitouch on Html5. Somebody get it? Any Idea? Thanks


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how do you implement touch input?, my test is working fine on pc but not on mobile.


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I've been gone a while. I was busy with another book project. Today I was checking in on Stencyl, to see how things are going. I was pleased to see that HTML5 publishing returned. So, I tested out. It works surprisingly well. I exported two projects and they ran as expected... well... mostly.

Here's what I noticed...

The exported projects are large. It's too bad that SVG is not a native Stencyl image format. Although, it looks like "letmethink" has already been working on that issue... http://community.stencyl.com/index.php?topic=43097.0

Also, a similar issue exists with audio. OGG is good for the web, but M4A has more compatibility.


I tried running one of the projects in Safari and the loading wouldn't complete. It worked in Firefox though. I was able to play all five levels. The only major problem was the sound starting to stutter on the fifth level.

And finally, one of the projects I tested is about six years old. It was ported from GameSalad to Stencyl. Now that HTML5 publishing is finally here, I'm not so sure that I want the game to be listed on my website anymore. Ha!

Michael Garofalohttp://photics.com – Author of The Interactive Stencyl Textbook 8)


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Wow. Glad to see that HTML5 might find it's way back. I was using C2 for the moment (running on in a Windows VM), but i would prefer Stencyl on my mac.
Sure, my games won't get better with all the new features of Stencyl.
But I do have more fun creating bad ones.

MayazCastle Keeper


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Hello letmethink there is some way to scale the screen in html5?? like fullscreen or something to fit all device screen and dont have that black borders??