!! Ojya Leaderboard Facebook Extension !! V13a - Facebook API 12 - RELEASED -


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I really like the idea of this.  I also have visited the website and read through all of the instructions and  guide.  For only 10 bucks, I could probably just buy it and check everything for myself, but I would like to know if anybody has already purchased and used this?  I would like to have it in my game but if its going to be months of work just to integrate it, I think I can live without it.

Anybody that has used it, please let me know what you think about it and if it is easy to setup and use without running into problems!

Thanks a ton!


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Ojya Leaderboard  !!Updated !!

Updated  extension to latest Facebook API 2.5 and also Stencyl 3.4.0  build 8868 (beta 2)
Controlled with latest Stencyl 3.4.0 beta2 and also with Facebook applications with latest API 2.5
iOS and Android fully functional.

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Ojya Leaderboard is ment for the extension part.  Although the game we provide is for study the code and also use it in your games. 
An update of the game is in course using only behaviors and will have a folder export with all the components just exported, so you can integrate it to your existing game.  Only behaviors are used and no game attributes.
So the procedure will be easy enough !


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Hi andyvene,

are there some news about your update of the game so with an export of behavior will make more easy to integrate this extensions ?


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yes it is ready. In a couple of days will be online.
Just making some testing importing within an existing game.
The game leaderboard now uses only scene and actor behaviors, no game attributes (just only 5 easy to setup), all actors are called by their name using the special block of stencyl and also sounds are called by their name.
Actors and their behavior have the same name, so it is easy to identify which behavior goes to which actor or scene.
Fonts also are very easy to setup and also only one group of actors used in the game.

With this way there are non missing blocks or attributes when you import actors, fonts,sounds and the behaviors.
It is very easy to integrate it now. Only small changes have to be made.
Of course the necessary steps will be described on our site.

But if you want to use only the extension and not also our game you can still do it with no problem.

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Uploaded a video for creating from scratch a Facebook App and configuring the Ojya Leaderboard game with the extension.
All in 15 min.
With this step you will begin using all the futures of our game like: Post challenge to your friends playing the game, Ask and send bonus to your friends , use the open graph levels/scores feature with the Facebook server.

Please, follow also the paths on our site.  (   http://ojyagames.byethost12.com  )


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Ojya Leaderboard Update v4.
Now you can import our game -Leaderboard in your game with simple steps.
3 options:
1. Use our extension only with your game.
2. Use our game-leaderboard with our extension
3. Import our game-leaderboard in your existing game and use our extension.

Please follow the steps in our site,  left section "IMPORT GAME".     http://ojyagames.byethost12.com
This is a great future to help you quickly build your own leaderboard and saving time, and you can change the graphic map with new path XY , and new graphic assets. 

We don't provide support for the game imported. The game is for helping creating your own leaderboard.
Although, the game has great features like offline gaming and is studied as error proof and avoiding loosing information of scores and levels.
Ojyaleaderboard is ment only using our extension "Ojyaleadrboard2" with your games.

Please follow also the instructions on our site so you can understand all the parts of the code and their functionality , left section "Leaderboard game".

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Minor update to version 4, only for the game.

Now the "Get Bonus" And "Friends Ask" buttons display down the number of the requests of your Facebook friends and the bonus  they send to you.
And some graphics updates... just for fun...

All these features together with the export folder , so you can import our game to yours.
Name of the update is Version 4c.

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Updated game instructions in our site.
Please, look on left section "Leaderboard Game".

This explains all the mechanism and the logic of how the leaderboard works.

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Major update of the game is coming soon ... a must!

Finally the leaderboard game is coming to an end of development.
After the import easy update, some bug fixes , and now a major update.
     Map with all the levels.
Main features our Facebook leaderboard game has:
a. Map of all the levels
b. Map of individual level
c. Offline gaming
d. Bonus exchange - Ask,send,get with facebook notification
e. Levels-Scores (Facebook server keep all the scores of the user and friends)
f. Challenge friends and post to timeline
g. Easy configuring of all the functions in one custom block

With this way Stencyl developers , can have a ready Facebook leaderboard to import to their game.
Don't miss ... update V5 in few days.

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Major update coming of only our sample game is in development.     v5

I am preparing an update with extensive offline gaming, and bug fixes.
The offline gaming and in general all the leaderboard game is improved and updated to consider every possible action of the user, with no internet connection , saving scores, auto uploading scores when is back connected and many other features.

Stay tuned....update in a few days.


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I believe I am one of the early purchasers of this. The first time I attempted this, there were too much of information to implement this properly. Unfortunately, it was difficult as well to implement all of them. I didn't have sufficient time to implement all of the instructions. I hope they're much simpler with easier instructions now?
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Major Update version 5.  Out Now !

Import with 13 easy steps. Configure 12 attributes. DONE!
You have a complete Kit Leaderboard for your game

The most complete, error free, Facebook score mechanism ever made for Stencyl and maybe the only one for gaming platforms.

Finally our leaderboard now has the map of all the levels as also the individual level map.
Updates and improvements made in offline gaming.

- Mechanism that understands if there is no internet connection or scores doesn't exists on server(first time pubblishing)

- Play the game from multiple devices with one user Facebook ID.

- Play and keep offline scores on the same device using multiple Facebook IDs

- Error free handling and publishing of scores.

- Update score mechanism by highest score or by most recent time stamp score made for each level. (offline and online)

- Fixed import instructions.

You only define the score, the level and the primary score settings.
The rest leave it to our leaderboard mechanism !

Please visit our site. New Sections:  IMPORT GAME and GAME VERSION 5.
In ten minutes following our import instructions you can add a complete Facebook  leaderboard in your game !
You can ofcourse change easily the graphics , number of leaderboard levels and also the path of the leaderboard map.

A tutorial will be done of how to create a complete new path in a really simply way.

For old users free update will be send shortly.

Leaderboard map 8000x1500

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Ojya Leaderboard game Kit - New Tutorial videos

Create - Import - Play
Our Facebook Leaderboard Kit game

Define the Facebook App :   https://youtu.be/4gr7ukqTsSw
Import game Kit :   https://youtu.be/mCrejd_dpq0
Play the Game Kit V5 :   https://youtu.be/fh5XKdFbj94

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Ojya Leaderboard Version 5d update
Compatible with Facebook latest API 2.7 - iOS and Android
Tested with iOS 10
Stencyl 3.4 beta4

Bug fixes at the stencyl game-kit
No update needed to the main stencyl extension 'OjyaLeaderboard 2'

The best Facebook Stencyl Extension for creating powerful leaderboards and also for Facebook general use.

Note: For testing with iOS10 devices use Xcode 7 with the following procedure:
              Install XCode8 and copy the following folder '10.0 (14A345)' inside the Xcode7
Xcode 8 - /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/DeviceSupport/10.0 (14A345)
Copy inside Xcode 7 folder 'DeviceSupport'
Xcode 7 - /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/DeviceSupport/


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