!! Ojya Leaderboard Facebook Extension !! V13a - Facebook API 13 - RELEASED -


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Updated the PDF with instructions of the use of the blocks specially those who post to timeline.
Use of the fields, examples and results of posts and also links to Facebook of those calls to understand the use of the fields.
Also information about the new API 2.9 depreciations.
Above that, also reference of where this blocks are used inside our leaderboard game. So easy to understand how to configure.

The link for download is sent to all users of Ojyaleaderboard extension.

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Thank You for update but it is still very hard and unclear.
Your sample game is not allowing to learn, because all  values there is empty, and there is so many  things that not needed.
Probably we need separated examples
How to login player
How  to post score
How to post screenshot
For now, you are using so many custom  blocks that referencing to many different  places and all actors referencing  to the scene attributes,  and it is not easy at all to understand all connections and meaning of all blocks.
Also not easy to set up actors and images as long as everything creating at runtime
And, if I need to post screenshot, do I need to make opengraph object on the facebook site? If yes, it  is even more insane  without coding knowledges and learning of it will take a lot of  time  probably.
Probably easiest way is to make everything as in your game but change images but as  I said I don't need all this things, just screenshot. And I need it in 2 days as long as I spent on this extension a weeks already, without any results so I can't spend more time.

I inserted  all behaviors from sample  games.
But nothing happens, when I use it, no facebook  login,  no post actions.
Also, I compiled sample game, and again nothing happen there, when I press on leaderboard icons, sometimes I can hear some sound and nothing else

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Site Updated for Use of Version 7 Extension blocks
and for new Install using API 2.9

New PDF instructions of use of the extension with examples.
Available to all users of the extension in the same link emailed to you.

Section of the PDF.


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Hello Paul,
You are missing maybe a path or a wrong name creating the two scenes or the game attributes. Check it gain.

To import the game in your game please follow EXACTLY the passage explained in the site.
If you miss one path won't work or will give you error.

1. Use the exact names of those 'game attributes' you must create first in your game.
2. Create first the two scenes with the exact name as described. Case sensitive. Those in my game. Use also the same width and height, if possible.
3. Import all the assets, actors, sounds, etc ... by drag and drop.
4. Assign to the two scenes the scene behaviours as described.
5. Control if when imported the actors the actor behaviours were imported automatically.
     Check inside each actor if has it's behaviour assigned.


1. The sample game, if compiles without error then check if the AndroidManifest.xml  is setup ok with your Facebook APPID inside.
You are using only Android for the  moment as you told me. So don't bother about iOS.
2. Have you created your Facebook test app with the settings for Native mobile inside the Facebook Developer site?
     Hash keys etc....
3. Follow the exact guide in the site of how to provide those 3 attributes in the sample game inside the scene behavior 'FBAppPref'. and in the AndroidManifest.xml.  (Facebook AppID, your CODE, Facebook pageID)
4. If compiles ok and those 3 attributes are correct and your Facebook developer site is ok then will execute the login in your Android device and all the rest in the game.

So, Facebook Dev Site, create test app with Native settings in the advanced section , create test users, insert in the FBAppPref the 2 variables, and Change the AndroidManifest.xml which is inside Stencyl app folder(the path is described in the instructions)

That's it.


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Yes, prob as in the legacy android manifest, didn't replaced it after update to 7a
I can see facebooklogin in sample game, But still have a lot of problems with my game
It is very hard to test on android, app justt crashed and you can't see what is wrong
I can't plac all your files, you are using giant images and sound on more than 15 mb, it is too much.
So I modifing your behaviors and exclude some  buttons, that I really don't need.
Also, as I see from the start we need /me graph on facebook, but I do not have it in  my teest app  on facebook, and don't sure how to set up it


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Ok Paul.
The thing I need to know before proceeding if the sample game works as it should.
So , please , create some test users , login , post scores , and post to time line.
Also share some bonus between your test users.
In that way we exclude errors, that maybe the settings in AndroidManifest or the same Facebook test  app may have.
At the end , if you arrived till this point, let's exclude errors.
One other thing , your app in Facebook must be assigned as game.
Ojya leaderboard uses game requests action. So just control that.

After, if everything works ok,  proceed of sliming  down some sounds and  images.

But, in my opinion if you need login only and post a screenshot you can set it easily.
In your game. Using only the extension.

In the PDF there is how to make a complete login. Download it now.
JUST copy the use of the blocks as is described. 
After the login , it is always common to make the call /me , so you can see the name and the photo of the user logged in.
After that you can start using the block for posting to timeline. An image generated in your game or a screenshot.

Some info for you and the other developers watching this forum.
A leaderboard like Ojya game is developed in 6 months, at least, using only the extension.

First must operate in every possible situation with no errors , specially the scores.
Saving in local device  the score must be done always,  and in certain situations . 
Offline  gaming is a big  effort in programming. Dealing with facebook errors etc.
Installing for the first time the app , generating first time scores in the Facebook server  etc is another resource  in programming. Has other variables to consider.

All this after someone has deep knowledge of how Facebook works and how the calls works.
Then you can start using Ojya leaderboard extension and creating your game from the scratch.

So , if you want to use all the functions and also scores., you can use Only the extension to make calls and get the callbacks , but you must design the whole structure of your game behavior with Facebook.
Leaderboard design takes the same amount of time as developing a complete game.  Point.

So keep in mind this.

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sorry for my criticism, your extension is great I just want to  help you to make it better, more intuitive and simpler


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So, yes, better to keep things simpler when you just started with the extension
I logged in my test game, but when trying tio post image, the game is  crashing, what I'm doing wrong?


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use before this also the OjyaLB CallbackSettings block. as in photo. attached down.
First let's see if you have done the login ok.

1. Go to the Facebook site of the test user and see if the application is installed and with what permissions.
Menu user Settings/apps
  You must have' friends_list' and 'publish_actions' (POST). If you see you app icon , click on the pencil icon.  Those are the settings of the app installed.
2. Even if you don't use the image attribute 'challengebackImg' when selecting 'screenshot' create it the same.
3. Use a valid link and make a test again. 

Please read also inside the PDF the instructions about API2.9 depreciations of this block.
The link from now on is used for an external site link to take the image from the site and also other  information reading the meta-tags of the site.
It cannot be used with a user generated image inside the app.
If you want to use the large image you can use it, but you have to provide a link inside the message. Which is clickable.

If you want to use an image generated but small with complete information and clickable use the 'games.celebrate' block
See example inside the new PDF of today.
Same dropbox link i sent to all users 3 days ago.

PS: As i mentioned before , use the sample game leaderboard and check all the functions. Also Challenge the users. Post to timeline.
with this block you use. The game should function well if Facebook user is logged in.


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"  You must have' friends_list' and 'publish_actions' (POST)."
I generated test  users, but not sure about  'publish_actions' (POST,  how to do it, and how to check?

I saw your pdf many times, the re is no this kind of informaion, may b I got to use some info from ther to learn other faceebokk setting, learn open graph commands etc, but better if youu will advice exactly what to do

I tried  all setting, but result is always  the same, the game  is crashing
And as I said it is very hard to use your game as a sample,  it is very complex and your behaviors can be using only all together because everything is connecting with each  other
And I can't to test your game because I'm using my data in the  manifest files probably and facebook don't allow to login


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I am out for 3 days. Return on wednsday.

Ps: I never saw in your stencyl blocks  to draw back results. Why ?
It is a common use to do that.  You have to check the response of the callbacks inside you game and then you know what answer has the callback. If success or no and everything else.

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I got to publish game tommorow.... ahehe.... even all store listening is ready, stack just on screenshot....


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The OjyaLeaderboard Extension and Game is getting better with API 2.9
New Update OjyaLeaderboard v7e.
IMPORTANT UPDATE. All users update Now.

                                                  - Site refer now only to version 7e and API 2.9. Cleaner , simple and immediate.
                                                  - Now install and setup is even much simpler.
                                                  - Extensive PDF information with examples.
                                                  - Testing done in all levels with the version 7e and API 2.9


          1.   Fixed issue of reference of behavior ‘ojyaleaderboard’ left inside the code of the extension version 7a.
                 Could not permit some actions to complete.
          2.   AndroidManifest.xml , now automatic generated with info taken from ‘include.nmml’ file,
                 inside the extension.
          3.   New behaviors for ‘OjyaLB postOpenGraph’ and ‘OjyaLB PostChallenge’ blocks.
                 Now you can directly insert in the field the real image attribute block to post.
          4.   Removed all reference from our site from older versions. Much cleaner and easier
                 to follow all the paths.
          5.   With API 2.9 , very easy to install and start rightway testing the game.
          6.   Slimed code in Android and also in iOS.
          7.   NDLL files for iOS for the final game recompiled with half the size. Now you have both to
                  choose while developing.
          8.   Testing made with both Stencyl for MacOS and Windows system
          9.   Testing made for importing only the single extension and the game for version 7e.
       10.   PDF with instructions updated with extensive information and examples , for login , scores and post
                 to Facebook timeline.

Ojya Games Leaderboard Site


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OjyaLeaderboard Version 7e
Facebook API 2.9
in 17 of June Facebook stops support for older Api  calls
update now

Simple Login and post to timeline.

This is an example of how simple is to use the blocks to make a login and post to timeline
Following the example in the PDF and the sections in our site

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So,   finally I published the game using this extension.
(  who interested how  it is working on practice)
And passed facebook review process. That  is not easy.
You  can't share with your messages any more
And most sad, facebook  reviewers using simulator to test android  build, and this simulator don't play stencyl games....
I sent them game 2 times, they just answer (after 5 days)   that they  "can't test  your game, check it" nothing more.
And after 3rd not successful test they will block the app...
So I was need to writee to support and prov that my app is working.
I think this and some other small but critical  details got to be spotted on the site