The Monster Inside (Most-Portem)

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Hey guys, its me, Tanner Daniels, I was going to follow the crowd right now and writing a post mortem that nobody is going to read! But I decided to not follow the crowd, and give the name a stupid title so people will check it out!
Okay, now that I have probably not attracted you with my mildly clever title, I'm going to write what went right, and what went wrong for me. Because this is a Most Portem, I'm doing everything backwards.
What went right
-I actually had a solid entry this year
-I didn't rush too much (just a little)
-I was able to implement every main idea I wanted
-I had fun
-The audio was a success
-I had time to write a post mortem
-And the game was a overall success in my obscure opinion
What went Wrong!
-I ran out of snacks within like 30 minutes!!!
-I ran out of soda within like 15 minutes!
-I had to pee every 15 minutes because I drank way too much.
-I was never able to implement a shop (Which I don't think I was going to do anyways)
-I was very rushed at the end
-I had some software problems, but I was able to fix it a hour after LD started
-And the worse thing, I liked this theme, so I can't blame the theme this LD for my stupid game.
About The Monster inside
I wanted to create something out-side the box as I always do, but this time, I wanted to focus more on getting a solid entry with good audio. The first 10 hours of development, I spent creating the base mechanics and gameplay. Within the first 12 hours, I had a fully playable avoider game. I spent maybe 3 hours on the art. Then after that, I spent the next 9 hour probably on audio + tweaking the mechanics. By now, the first day is over. What did I do with the least 24 hours you ask? I have no idea! Those 24 hours came by so fast! I spent like 10 hours testing my game for no reason, 5 hours of sleep, and with the last 4 hours, I rushed everything else in at the last moment. I really regret wasting all the time I did.
Please check out my game here...
I hope you enjoyed my Most Portem
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