Full-Time IndieDev Journey (Original Post Not Updated)


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Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been around lately. The 2022 game related revenue was split between teaching and working on the grant-funded Alzheimer's app (the same one from previous years). It was around $35,000 for teaching game dev courses and $15,000 for the grant. A little over $50,000 in total.

My teaching credentials are still expanding. I now have Intro to Game Design, Game Prototyping, Game Scripting, Team Game Design I and II, Project Management, Technical Arts, and they just started me on Web Design.

I finished up my masters in Game Design this month. I was working on a VR Art History project. I'm at a crossroads now that I have the degree. I'm seeing if I can get hired as a full time professor. If that doesn't pan out, I'll be searching for a job in industry. I've already started applying to jobs. The biggest two were Insomniac and EA. The EA one was for a level designer on SWTOR. Unfortunately, I did not get that one. I did interview for a technical artist job at a local contracting company. That would have entailed a lot of automation scripting - not really my focus. Anyway, wish me luck landing a full time career, wherever that may be :D