3.3.2 - Build 8529 - August 17, 2015


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Build 8529 - August 17, 2015

- Allow creating a tileset without importing image.
- Fix: Set a tileset to be 1 across x 1 down if no image was selected.
- Fix: Don't attempt to load images of a tileset that hasn't been created yet.
- Fix: Can't edit frames if import scale is set to an unchecked project scale
- Trimmed down size of Windows distribution.
- Fix: Allow games to compile when path is lost on subprocesses in OS X El Capitan.
- Fix: Some exceptions related to deleting tiles and trying to open/delete when no resource is selected.
- Fix: Don't throw exception when pasting non-design mode data in events pane.
- Fix: Show Play/Pause instead of "<0>" in scene editor animations button.
- Fix: Don't show Mac OS X version warning for 10.10.5.
- Don't allow using "none" as a font's main color.

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