3.3.2 - Build 8471 - August 5, 2015


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We've put out another "weekly" release just tonight. Here's what has changed.

Build 8471 - August 5, 2015

- Major Enhancement: Updated packaged haxe, haxelib, openfl, lime, hxcpp to latest versions.
- Enhancement: Change JRE bundled with linux 64-bit version from 32-bit JRE to 64-bit JRE.
- Enhancement: Allow grid color to be specified in Scene Designer.
- Fix: Parallax Background not animating.
- Fix: Sliding Transitions not using color backgrounds when active.
- Fix: Catch error "max_string_size reached".
- Fix: Improved xcode detection.
- Fix: iOS version code incrementing automatically, ignoring value in game settings.
- Fix: Invalid Operation (+) when testing without HOMEDRIVE or HOMEPATH variables set on Windows.
- Fix: Simple Physics not giving collisions to tiles with Square collision.
- Fix: Remove all items from map block not working.


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Is also the "swipe" not working on mobile fixed?   ::)
Please, it is important.... Thanks!