why don't stencyl developer team integrate ad mediation networks?


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As you know almost all the new mobile games choose freeimium model with ads on games instead of traditional paid apps model.And monetizing is very important for game developers today.So why don't you integrate ad mediation platforms like heyzap or foxmob or whatever you will find best to stencyl?Only one sdk and then we have all the major networks like chartboost or adcolony or vungle or admob....!
and stencyl only supports admob and iad!both of them is such a crap!.we really need ad mediation platforms.
please visit this link for example for additional information(only an example):


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in my opinion this is really necessary as well. there are so many ad mediation tools out there and using one of them (e.g. supersonic,  etc.) would make it a lot easier to earn money with games :)

but there are already some extensions (e.g. for adcolony) to use. that should do the trick (but still would be better if it was integrated directly, i guess)

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