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Hi Guys.  I'm guessing this is a very simple one, but i've been trying for hours now, so thought I'd ask.

I have the need for a very simple collision detection between two actors in my game, but I don't need any physical interactions between those actors. So, I set my project to Simple Physics to increase performance. 

I have two actors, both with simple box collision boxes.  Both in groups that are set to collide with each other, and then a collision event in one of them which is supposed to move the game a new scene when that actor type collides with the other actor type.  However, it doesn't do anything when the two actor types collide.  (If I set it to box2d, it works fine as it should)

Am I doing something wrong?  From what I read, I should be able to do basic collision detention in simple physics using box collisions (not polygons etc and not physical interactions) - and thats all I need, but it's not working.

Let me know if anyone has any ideas!



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I could be wrong because I've not done this, but I think what you are after is a "sensor"


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Use either a sensor or calculate the distance between each other =)