3.4.0 (Beta 1) - October 10, 2015


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Build 8734 - October 10, 2015

This release addresses a number of serious issues with the prior release and introduces major improvements to the toolset plugins framework. These improvements allow plugins to be downloaded and updated directly from Stencyl itself and provide some safeguards against incompatibilities (the onus is on the plugin author to set guidelines).

- Enhancement: Extension repositories for downloads and updates.
- Fix: If user doesn't have Java 8, tell them to download it.
- Fix: Various tweaks to fix publishing and testing for iOS 9 / Xcode 7
- Fix: Ask users on El Capitan to install Neko separately (otherwise no games can run).
- Fix: Random error upon opening game (get/set attribute)
- Fix: Issue with workspace resetting and missing OS/Java info.
- Fix: Can't create/remove game attributes when multiple resources are open
- Fix: Stencyl stops responding when clicked inside log viewer
- Fix: push/twist blocks do not work with magnitude <= 0
- Fix: Windows 8.1 and 10 Flash log location
- Fix: Windows and OS X version detection
- Fix: Move to Folder grayed out
- Fix: Atlas settings are not saved
- Fix: Using [Actor Group] chooser in design mode throws error
- Fix: Tile collision shapes stopped showing up in Tileset Editor
- Fix: Bitmap Font image importing
- Fix: Fix up rendering issues on Game Settings page on Mac
- Fix: Error in refreshing inventory after deleting scene
- Fix: ConcurrentModificationException in SceneWriter
- Fix: Stencyl stops responding when clicked inside log viewer
- Internal: Update openfl (3.3.8) and lime (2.6.8)


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Great to hear :) ! I've been waiting for this public build to come out :) , I think its the stablest build since 3.3.2 so far :) !

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Please provide a guide step by step about how install Neko on el Capitan.
Many users had problems to install it when Stencyl asked for it and had to install it manually and to make sure that Stencyl can access it.




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