Arranging scenes using mouse dragging


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Scenes in Dashboard are by default arranged by name order.  If  scenes are named :  intro, LevelGroup, Level1, Leve2,  End. Simply you will find them ordered like : End, intro, Level1, Level2, LevelGroup.

This suggestion is to make scenes draggable easy to arrange .
Screenshot attached shows how this could happen. A huge new caret should appear to indicate location of new arrangement.


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At least an option to order things by certain pertaining data like in Windows. Sort by name, latest modified, custom even for what your looking for.

I deal with this by simply by prefixing my stuff.

Monster devil man
Monster spike ball
Item coin
Item potion
Weapon sword diamond
Weapon sword ruby
021 town
022 town inn

And so on. Also prefixes are great for getting a type by name that's more specific than a group. ;)