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Sounds good. That's what damijin did for his game's secret areas.


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fixed another bug or two...started getting enemies laid out
(it should be noted that allthough bullet do destroy breakable bricks, they do not yet kill enemies)


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Another Update

*New Enemies
*New Area
*Title screen
*Menu/Level Select (This one is going to get a bit nicer of a design in future releases. The current
screen is a placeholder)

Bug Fixes
 Player Fire now harms enemies

Known Bugs:

Entering and exiting tubes is a bit wonky. Have to set the user input from key release to "when key is down"

Coin and Key Counters are not yet functional

Bombs and exploding blocks placed by the player dont properly explode (allthough they will bust up adjacent breakable blocks still)

Bunny Enemy movement is not right. Some enemy cliff detection has to be fixed.


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This is gonna be a great game with some fix and polishing (stuff like entering the tubes animation). The music is great and I really love the art style.

Good job, but you really need to change those kit sound effects. I also used it and I'm getting really annoyed by that death sound effect XD


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gave an update recently, and planning another tomorrow night. Had to take a little break from this, but will be fixing the last rough spots soon


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I love this! It makes me feel like I am playing my dream retro game!
Music is Okayish (Not my type, I won't judge for that though)
Graphics are Retroish (Love that)
And the fact that it has work put inro it (Only about 5% of the games that come out of stencyl are the good)!

~Lucas Anderson


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Small update. New game URL. Kong api... got rid of a couple minor things...made it an official demo version, and locked the unfinished features.


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I have some small suggestions for you:
1. The collisionrange of the first big boss should be a bit smaller, i had lost by only standing right near the boss and without direct contact.
2. The mouse button should be over the menugraphics.
3. The upgrade screen is choosable ;), you can click on it, the other level informations are visible too, when you move your mouse over the level buttons.
4. The character moves very stange on the title screen, you can hover over the edge of the tileset, and the movement is a bit slippy. Also there is a glitch when hitting the left side of the screen, the character begins to shiver.

By the way, nice gameplay, graphics and music ;)


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The menu system is pretty confusing - at first, I thought there were no levels to select because the ones below were locked. But then I realized that level select itself was meant to be clickable.

Gravity seems a lot sharper than I remember it being, and it makes some areas tough to get past.


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Thanks for the feedback guys. Ill have a new build up tonight!

Pixel Pusher

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I just now played the game. Very nice. It's been here for a while though. The ladders on the last stage are in front of the potato rather than behind unless that was intentional.

I like the style and the Mario elements. Made me feel at home.

Good work.