Rainbow Chicken 2: Rock's revenge (The reboot)


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Awhile back, I mis-read someone saying something as "Rainbow Chicken", it later on became a running gag for me.

After the release of Rainbow Chicken on an educational programming software back in 2012, I decided to make a sequel.

A month later, I made a rushed-out sequel on the same software, it was considered batter to some people, but it was the same game with more solid-upped graphics.

Rainbow chicken 3 was planned, but was cancelled after I lost interest.

     One year later...

I rebooted Rainbow Chicken as a simple game I made to test Stencyl's powers in 2013.  Back then, Stencyl was a bit flawed and had some issues with too much actors being placed at once, which made the game laggy somewhat. I had to can my original idea due to this.

The game could be described as "An endless no-fun game". Since it had no story, no major gameplay features, and no music. It was very repetitive and suffered from no variety.

     2 years later

After learning a-lot more from Stencyl, I learnt more and more things. Not to mention, updates made it more and more stable.  After working on a project too big for me, I decided to take a break from games.

After seeing a rather obscure indie game called "Omni Bus". I thought of making a mission-based game with the style of Rainbow Chicken. Going through simple gimmicky missions that involve the Chicken and his Rainbow-shooting powers.

It'd be simple. Here's the idea formula:

-The chicken will select a mission in the overworld. He or she will have to do the required objectives.

-The objective will be something simple, but will mutate the gameplay by a margin. For example, reversed controls, getting to a certain round by a time limit, or having no lasers to shoot and resort to bullet-hell dodging styles.

-The player will then win a mission, getting a star-count to fight the bosses after getting enough.

The shop will be removed for unlocking stuff thru achievements, since they don't need to rush and buy stuff before the wave starts. Also, you will have to manage an limited item inventory to use  before each round, so you cannot be over-powered, and have to think of what unlock-ables to use before playing.

Other features will be co-op, jumping/jetpacks, music (composed by me), and revamp graphics.