Make my hero slash, kill and die! {he needs it very badly haha}


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Dear Stencyllarsss,

My name is Tommy, i'm a dutch writer for theatre/film and i'm working on a game that is based on a play i wrote. I managed to make design a bit (also with some help), but now i really need some extra behaviour, skills and coding to let him 'out'. It is very (snes)-zelda based, and what he needs is: to find a weapon and equipt it (it's a "sword"), then be able to 'slash', hit, kill. I also need him to be able to die.

Can someone help me to code this? :) Paid.

This is the status right now:
(so it has text-box, and he's walking around)

(contact info is on the link)

best regards,

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With the sound effects, it is very engaging. It definitely had the feel of theatre to it. Great work so far.

What you are asking for seems simple enough. Feel free to send me an email to and I could help you out.


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