Collision bounds not growing


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Hi everyone, I have been struggling with this issue for a while now.  I created a test to show the issue. 

I created three of the same actor, The first is the original size, the second has been shrunk, and the third has been grown.  As you can see in the attached screenshot the collision bounds are not growing or shrinking with the actor.  I have physics set to Normal and Auto-Scale Collision Bounds set to Yes.  I tested in Flash.

The click event for the actor that was grown does not trigger unless I click within the collision bounds.  The click event for the actor that was shrunk trigger when I click outside the actor but within the collision bounds.

Please help!

Thanks so much


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When you set your origin to the centre of the actor, does it work ?


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Are you sure that they are set to normal?
The green rectangle in my game means ' cannot move '
If it isn't allow to move it isn't allow to grow. Make it cannot be pushed for instance and see the difference.

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Thanks for the quick replies.  I did some additional testing based on what was mentioned above.

First I changed the origin point from top left to center.   This fixed the click events but did not fix the collision shape resizing.

Second I changed the the physics from cannot move to cannot be pushed.  This fixed both the click events and the collision shape resizing.  This worked if the origin point was top left or center.

See attached screenshots for examples of both situations.

Thanks so much for the help!