Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice is a physics game where you need to get the magic ball to the goal. But watch out, there are really hot stuff, and really cold stuff in your way and if it touches it you have to restart from the beginning of the level. Thankfully if something hot touches something cold one or both will disappear, making this game much easier. This game will made with the drop block kit, and I plan to have it finished by the end of the month.

No story. It's a physics game, what did you suspect?

Game Play Elements
There are two shapes of blocks. Round and Square, which come in two sizes. There are 3 types of blocks Fire, Ice, and Stone. Fire and Ice destroy the magic ball and each other on collision. Stone is destructible but can be gotten rid of with a mouse click. Some blocks can't be gitten rid of. These are marked with a big red X. The goal is to get the magic ball which you can push to the left or right with the arrow keys to the goal area; however, you have a limited amount of clicks to work with. Also, this is just an idea but I plan to.
  • Goal is to get the magic ball to the goal area.
  • You can give the ball a push with the left and right arrow keys.
  • Limited amount of clicks to remove objects.
  • Some objects cannot be removed.
  • Two shapes of blocks, Round and Square.
  • Two sizes of blocks.
  • 3 Types of blocks Fire, Ice, and Stone.
More on this later once I get a demo working.

It's not much but this is what the blocks look like.

The music is by Cuzone and has two tracks.
Night Flaser:
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Current Build

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BB: As the game's designer, that is entirely your call to make. You need to figure out what fits best for your game - nobody else's ideas are going to be as good as your original spark of inspiration that triggered the creation of this game.

Best solution? Prototype the game fast and try it both ways, find out what works/looks best for you.
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I think circle would work better than square since you'll be able to see it rolling. And less problems with physics.

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You should have it switch every level according to the design/type of physics in my opinion.
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Nice game. By the way - how to solve level 15?

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I like the concept of this.

A lot of times however, I feel like you can just press 'go' and then easily solve the level (not sure if this applies for the whole game -- I only played half so far). Maybe you could make a system that limits / punishes you for spamming 'go'?

Such a change would make the player go through more problem-solving and analysis rather than just trial-and-error. I think it would add an interesting challenge.


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Pretty cool game. I think it's complex enough to allow for interesting puzzles without it being too tough to pick up. You might want a beginner level that gives the user a slightly easier puzzle to start so it's really obvious how the game works.

Also, I would change the color of the goal area more. It currently blends in with the other gray blocks and wasn't apparent as the goal right off the bat.