Help needed with restoring purchases on iOS


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My iOS App got rejected because there was no 'restore purchases' function if a user had changed device.  The IAP is a non-consumable, in that the user pays 79p and that IAP unlocks the full game.

When the user reaches Level 4, a check is made to see if the IAP 'fullaccess' has been made, if it has an invisible wall is removed in the game to let the player continue.  See image1.png

My questions is where do I put the block 'restore purchases'?

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So I've just found out that Apple request restoring purchases to be done via a button on the menu screen.

Can someone please confirm whether or not I need to use any other blocks other than the 'restore purchases' block.

I plan to have a 'Restore Purchases' button on the menu which when pressed runs that single block of code but surely there's more to do than that... isn't there???

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The block is used when you click the designated restore button. In events you'll want an event listener that detects for restore purchase events.