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I am a classroom teacher and all of my students are stuck on activity 5.  We create a game attribute called hero x and hero y and then set them "always" to the hero's x and y value.  We then push sharply the enemy towards those game attributes and nothing happens.  Has anyone else completed student activity 5?

Thanks so much!


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Hi aansell,

I do not know what the student activities are, but I have an idea on what the problem might be.

I believe the push x, y direction is talking x, y coordinates of the actor and not the screen. The 0, 0 coordinate is in the top left corner of the screen, but in relation to itself, 0, 0 is the top left corner of the actor. Your hero would then be placed at 50, 300 (for example). That means hero x = 50 and hero y = 300. Pushing the enemy, towards 50, 300 in relation to itself would be pushing it almost straight downward. To push towards the hero, you would want the x direction to be "hero x - x of self" and y direction to be "hero y - y of self".

Given the hero is at 50, 300 example. Let's say the enemy is at 400, 300. Subtracting the enemy's coordinates would then give a direction of -350, 0. In relation to itself, that means straight left.


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Exactly, I fell in the same trap this morning !
 It could be the opportunity to show that the problem is easily written in terms of vectors !
If you want to go at (HeroX,HeroY) from (x,y) you have to make the difference ! the push is (HeroX,HeroY) - (x,y)


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Thanks everyone.  My class learned something today.


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thanks for the information