Enemy Units Dont Die !!!


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Hello and sorry for the horrible english.

I'am having  a serios problem whit some of my NPC's i set in the game every time i pick up a Coin in the game Whit a set command to the Coin actor (When Groupe of Member  Hits groupe of member Kill Self)  The  Enemy Units i set in the sceen dont die on getting hit whit a bullet type unit .  i tried diffrent type of colision events all difrent for evry type of achtor and there is no changes

Pleas help  Tnx in advance :)


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what do you have them set to in physics? Normal, Cannot be pushed or cannot move?


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put a 'print' block in the collision to see if the collision is working or not.
You should see something print-out in the log viewer if the collision is ok.

If the collision IS working, put a 'kill self' block in, and the enemy should be gone.
Also, make sure that the groups collide (in settings/groups).  For example, if the bullet and enemies are not setup properly, they will never collide.

Here are some guides: