Extra Glyphs causing a crash


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According to the Command Reference file, the way to use an extra glyph in Dialog is:


Includes an image in your dialog, inline with the text.
Ex: I love you!! <glyph heart>
(Displays the image "heart.png" from the extras folder after the text)

So I put an image in my game's extras folder called "Trailblaze Blue.png" and then inserted this into a dialog chunk:

<glyph Trailblaze Blue>

Dialog crashes every time when it reaches this command. How should this command be formatted? Interestingly enough, it gives me the same crash/runtime error as the mysterious "Dialog sometimes crashes in Cppia" bug. I am now wondering if that bug is related to the pointer, which I have never been able to display correctly. (It's always chopped off).

It just now occurs to me that I should remind you that I am using special code blocks that you created for me that set the Dialog window's position relative to an actor's position on the screen. I wonder if that might be why I am receiving some errors that no one else seems to be getting ... I'm talking about these blocks (which I had forgotten are not part of Dialog's intended design):


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Since you have a space in the string, you need to quote it. <glyph "Trailblaze Blue">
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I've done that and it still doesn't work -- still crashes.

Again, the file is called, "Trailblaze Blue.png" and I'm certain it's located in the extras folder. For commands, I've tried:

<glyph "Trailblaze Blue">
<glyph "Trailblaze Blue.png">
<glyph Trailblaze Blue>
<glyph TrailblazeBlue> (I changed the filename to "TrailblazeBlue.png" when trying this one - still didn't work.)

All crash the game. Any ideas?

EDIT: waitwaitwait ... does Dialog have it's own extras folder? I seem to recall now that it does ...

EDIT the 2nd: Yes, the folder was the issue. It needs to go in extras/[ext] Dialog/images

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