Arranging blocks with selection options


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Maybe there already is an easier method that I overlooked, but I'm struggling big time when arranging large pieces of blocks. I'll try to explain as best as I can, hope you see what I mean.

You can't just 'pick up' a block that's not the bottom one, because the blocks under it automatically stick. So you can either move those blocks above the one you want to take out, so that one becomes the bottom one, or you can just move the blocks toward an empty place. Although this can cause inconvenience if your event if full of lengthy blocks.

So I've got 2 ideas that may improve the workflow for more advanced users. The current method for arranging blocks is probably easier for beginners to understand, but this is making it difficult for those who need to edit big chunks of blocks.

The first one is to add a function that'll make it possible to take out only a single block in-between/above blocks by holding cmd/ctrl and then dragging.
The second one is to select a range of blocks by shift-clicking and/or drawing a rectangle over those blocks with the cursor and then dragging. Maybe it's even possible to select by cmd/ctrl-clicking to select blocks from different places in the event.


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Hold shift to drag a single block. It's already a thing.
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Oh wow. Well, that's one problem less!
Let's focus on doing this with multiple blocks then.