Mustache World


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 Mustache World is our new flash game for 1 or 2 players. We would like to hear your
opinion about it.

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Hello Escherer,

Really nice.
The in-game-controls are great.
The animation when you fall down is nice as well.
I would like to have some save points on level 2, but I'm terrible at platforms.

Hope it does well for you!
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Wow ! Amazing game ! Really fun epic platformer!

Some suggestion:

- Create a shop where users can purchase ( with the coins they collect ) new character , and  powers ( to destroy those spike enemies ).

- Scenes should have different weather backgrounds

- More music selections for scenes



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Thank you mdotedot and Donni11!

For sure the next version of the game will show some of your suggestions!



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I played a few levels and it's pretty nice ! I like the graphics and the controls are good.
Music is fun too.

If I can make a suggestion for the next version : the vertical moving platforms are a bit weird. I don't know if you can work on their movement, to make it smoothier ?

But well, good job :)


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Thank you mebloo!

Actually this issue was a problem since the begin of development. Mostly because of two players option.  I've even tried to use joints to keep the actor/platform movement smother. It worked fine for 1 player but was a mistake for 2 players.

On the end, I kept the default solution of set x/y speed for platforms and a customized Ride Platform behavior.

Anyway, would be nice to hear about any other solution for smother platform movement.


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That's pretty good, I hope you give it a little polish.. Art's pretty good, character feels a little weightless.. kinda floaty when he jumps but not a giant deal. I give it 8.5 :)