Do you know a way to localize an ios app made with Stencyl?


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I really need to localize an app made with Stencyl.

I had both the app text and the app description translated by a professional translator and I am using a piece of code found around in this forum to show the correct translation depending on the user's device language setting.
It works just fine and my game is already in the stores.

The problem is in the Apple App Store my game shows only English as a language, because the game languages depend on the ipa setting and apparently Stencyl does not allow to modify it in its setting.

Is there any way to add a language to my IPA setting without using xCode?

If the only way to get it is making it in xCode, please can you explain me how to install Haxe and what I have to do to add a localization in xCode and to export an IPA from xCode?

Thank you a lot!

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