Intellection - An intergalactic puzzle game [v1.2 abandoned]


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Thanks guys!
I decided to do an open release with a message the game is still in beta so things might be subject to change. I will be releasing  the game in a couple of hours so stay tuned!


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Congrads man! Hope it all goes great for you! I've been sick for a few days so haven't been on forums. Would have volunteered as tester if I was here though! Anyway, will look for it after release and give it a go! Good luck!


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You still can ;)
I decided to do an public beta release, but things have not been going the way I planned them. Have a look here:,45969.0.html


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Nice game sdieters! Works great on my galaxy s6.

I will give you my first impressions and hopefully some constructive criticism.

The menu animations are great, but i found them a bit too sluggish for me, i believe you want to engage the user within the first 5-10 seconds or they will most likely just close the game and not bother with it (i do this a lot)

Also when i got to level 1, i had no idea what to do, there were no instructions, i was just pressing random letters trying to make a word (which i just assumed was the goal). But only later found out how to play after going back and reading the description on the play store. Of course, i took this extra step as a fan of you and your work, other users may not bother.

Overall the game looks polished and im sure the final release will turn out great!

Edit: The way i see a lot of puzzle games do it now is on first boot have the very first scene be level 1 with specific instructions with an obvious solution right in front of their face, this immediately engages the user

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+ Beautiful
+ nice controls
+ Nice animations
+ challenging
+ Skip a level

- no in-game tutorial
- smaller font on smaller phone (sg2) hard to read
- objective (3 chars) not prominent
- my scored level wasn’t recorded.
- Selected chars not very clear. Sometimes bad chars are selected without me knowing

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Tab 10.1

My Lenco and LG are on different stores and I would need the APK to test on those.

Maybe it is intended but on one puzzle 1 I had two Bs to select 'bat' from. One of them worked the other did not. Maybe that kind of challenge should be saved for a later level?

I agree with an easy start. Maybe make all the other characters Xes so that the word is clear at the first level. And maybe start with the same word in different slide-actions.
For instance first level from left to right. Next level Top-Down. Third level a diagonal. Fourth level a cross?!

I would like to have the timer increase when I made a right combination. Maybe you could do a time=time+(level*3) seconds?

I know you are working on languages : please !!

I think I would love the contender mode where you challenge another human.
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Thanks guys!
I will take these things into the next update.

Mdotedot, I still need to optimize that part of the algorithm so it doesnt crete to many of the same characters, and about your scores, they are all being saved on level one for some reason. I realized this yesterday right before bed haha. Could you post a screenshot of how small it is on your sg2?


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To-do list:
[personal tip] I always keep a code block in an when created event (not attached) in a main behavior, so it's easy to stay on track!


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not available in my country! What a shame! (Spain)


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It probably is, but I disabled it until I ironed out the bugs and updated everything =)
This was a 1 day public beta where people downloaded it and stres tested everything. The 29th will be the day this game will officially be released again!


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Ok so after a week of hard work, I am about to release v1.1 which includes some mayor changes (thanks for the feedback!)

Things I did:
- General improvement of the GUI
- Lowered the difficulty and amount of total single player levels
- Added a tutorial system
- Safe system which will help you out when it takes you to long to find a word

let me know what you think!


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Is it coming back online soon ?


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I will be trying to have it up and and running again this sunday. I have a lot of stuff going on lately, but you will see that in my next vlog ;)


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The game is finally playable again!

PLAY > (for those who dont have facebook hehe)