Game I may not finish (Tech Demo of Project Time)


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As anyone may know, I spent a year and a half making it, and it felt like it went to no-where. It was really, really buggy and laggy, as the game just became dead...

Play it if you want, but it was never build for Flash, so it runs like trash.


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Maybe it's my new laptop but it runs fine for me. It's pretty fun.


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haha, it totally broke firefox, the mouse cursor would constantly fade in and out all over the screen for a few minutes  , and then it played by itself a few times.


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It ran fine for me and I didn't notice any bugs. I got pretty far into the first level, too!


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Well, for me:

-I had some really bad FPS drops.

-Some sprites would get white borders around it.

-One of the items where impossible to pick up for some reason.