Is the following a possibility on Stencyl, and if so, how?


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So say there are three teams: Red, Blue, and Green.

When the user first opens up the game, they can choose if they want to play for Red, Blue, or Green.
In the game, any points they score go the team they chose.

Red's total score consists from ALL the points accumulated from all the individual players who chose to play for Red, and so on.

Is this possible?


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If you're talking about a multiplayer game, this may be a good place to start:,42427.0.html


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Is this possible?
Yes, one of my first attempts at multiplayer was submitting scores from multiple clients to a server.

One issue you might face is multiple inputs happening at the same time. The best way (at least to my knowledge) to handle this is having a server-side version of the program running that handles incoming information and tabulates it for proper insertion into the server. If you send all of the info directly to the server from the clients, there could be overlap that gets lost.