Error log about size images


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I was updating graphics in a game , an enemy graphic (128 /68 pixels), when stencyl sent me a error log about size of image. I don't konw why, the image I updated is 34'8k. Please anyone could help me. Thanks


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I found this:

"Your game could not be built, because one of your images is too large to be included. Check your backgrounds and actors with large sprite sheets. (max_string_size reached)"

Stencyl stores all the frames for an animation on a single image resource, so the number of frames you can have in each animation varies, depending on the dimensions of the frames.  Your frames are smallish, so I gather you have a lot of frames for at least one of the animations? If you need to, you can always break the animation up into multiple animations and design them to go from the end of one animation into the beginning of another animation.