Which Actors or Scenes use a behavior?


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Sometimes, it's useful to know what Actor or Scene uses a behavior. In the next version of StencylWorks, you can get that just by right-clicking the behavior.

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O.o Witch craft :O But awesome!

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This is awesome! I would use this all the time!!! Thanks!


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Good to hear, I was just thinking about how I needed this.

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Such a seemingly small thing that makes a huge impact, this is awesome.


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Can we get this in a nightly build?


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Can we get this in a nightly build?
I think so, my build has it.


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That would be useful in my own game to see which ones have support for that type of stuff.
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"Nightly" builds are actually real time builds - it's updated every time we check a piece of code in.

For stability purposes, we might be keeping the real-time builds to ourselves and rolling a nightly snapshot instead. Sometimes, it's not best for users to grab works in progress. (This though is solid)


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It was my dream, thanks !