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Edit: Project has been paused"

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The game looks very generic by it's name, gameplay and hero, but the first impression is that it looks pretty polished with smooth graphics, menus, musics and such.

However, the gameplay needs a bit of improvements. The game is a bit slow-pace, not really by character movements but because the level design requires a lot of moving around paths without solving or dodging anything. The main mechanic is to press a switch to random block which doesn't seem to make much sens when solving puzzle. It isn't an introduction to much of a game mechanic, but slowly walking around to a switch figuring out which paths are hidden behind a tree and not knowing which block will get destroyed isn't very puzzling in a predictible or logical way. It isn't really compelling or rewarding and might need a bit more of a concept to grab player's interrest.

I didn't really get far enough to judge but the game gotta hook you up in the early levels. I got stuck in the second level after doing a mistake and didn't really feel motivated to continue on.

Hope it doesn't sound too negative, it's just my feeling on the game. The game looks pretty good but the mechanics and levels need a bit of work.


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No, of course it doesn't sound negative, thanks for the feedback.

I planned to only show 2 levels just to see how player would solve them.
I have created 7 out of 16 story levels so far, with some traps and much trickier maps.
(A friend took over 17 minutes for the 7 levels, on his first try, so i think the puzzles are not too easy)

As described, i am working on a story mode and the difficulty will increase per level, involving traps, enemies and more things that i will not mention jet, cause i don't want to spoil things ;)

By the way, the stuck on level 2 was planned too, further level will also be challenging, there are more than one way to solve a map, and there will also be many distractions in the way.


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I tried again and completed it, didn't realize there was a reset scene key XD


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I think as Kapser mentioned, we need more logic solving in this type of game.

Stuff like pushing/pulling a block which you already have, some switch triggering some target, perhaps screen warping and teleporting. I tried to do some of these in my earlier games but never able to make it hard enough. Pushing a block or a set of blocks can create a lot of puzzle solving opportunity. I am not sure you play a game call rush hour (go youtube it). It looks so simple but can be real hard to figure out.

Anyways, I see a lot of good potential in this game.


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@Kapser: Thanks to your post, i got an idea to better highlight an disappearing block.
I added an animation, that starts at the switch and flies to the disappearing block, and i still need to implement an pathfinding part :)

@Rob: Thanks for the post. Never heard of Rush Hour before, but this kind of puzzle game is interesting too. I will try to add some more complex parts to the levels. A teleporter effect for the blocks and such, sounds interesting too, but i do not promise that it will work ;)


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Update 11.11.11"

Hey everyone, i need some feedback for my current and also first Stencyl project. It would be nice to get some comments.

Demo status

Help Bobby to save his girlfriend Bella from the evil lord Blobberton. Explore 4 different areas with special biotops in this puzzle adventure and help Bobby on his quest to save his girlfriend.

Current Features:
- Storymode: 5/16 levels (1 Bosslevel)
- Storymode: Worldmap
- 2/4 introscreens
- Custom and edited music, graphics & sound

Future Features:
- Storyline & Cutscenes
- 16 Levels, 4 Bosslevels
- On each level the difficulty will increase.
- Walkthrough button (that links to the full game walkthrough)
- Worldspecific enemies
- Complete Storymode
- Freeplay
- Time Attack
- Achievements
- Environment features (waterstreams, poison etc)

- Arrow keys to move
- R-button to reset the map
- Step on switches to activate them

- Stencyl of course ;D
- Inspired by Stencyl's Maze Game
- Music: Ost by Jon Holland, all remixes by me
- Souds completely by me
- Behaviours: Ceric, DubeAlex, Ehibika, Greg, Joe, Luyren

You can follow the game process on Twitter, if you like: satyre_stencyl

Enjoy it :)
Your first game???!!!
You are really good, keep up the good work.

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Thanks for the nice words :)


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Hi guys, i worked today on this sample game:

It is a tic tac toe game, but only for two players so far, and early in development.

The 2-player mode should work fine, but everyone can report an error :) or some suggestions.

Since this is the beginning of this game, i wasn't able to create an artificial intelligence.
Is there someone who is willing to help me with this little project, especially with the coding of the ai?

Have fun.


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Dog looks scared; Cat must have been winning most of the games :P.  I'd be willing to help with it since I don't have another project I'm working on right now.


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Sounds great. I haven't done the research for the ai, so i cannot say how long it will take.
Ill contact you via pm for more informations :)

There is now a new Edition with a simple AI

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:D Hopefully the hard mode will be more challenging ;)


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Here is the public link for Tic Tac Toe:

Hope your enjoy it :)

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Hi, here is a link to my new game: Paper Dodge

Have fun!

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