Music, I guess.


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I've been writing/playing music for several years now, and original VG Music is something I love (most of the time).

I did a few themes and whatnot. Mostly, if not only, battle/stage themes, really.

Here's one such theme, which I call Dangerous Operation. Inspired by listening to some Megaman Zero music, ahaha. (Best heard with headphones. A lot of music, in general, is best heard in headphones, in my opinion.)

Just posting to see what people think, and if I should do anymore. Criticism/opinions & thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, guys.


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This is pretty cool. I do have some criticism though:

- The part from 1:06 to 1:54 is really repetative with the same short melody looping over and over.
- I think you're putting some sounds WAY too far in either the left or right channel. I'd move them more toward the center.
- I think the song needs more bass.

ALSO, I recommend using a service such as SoundCloud or giving us a direct Dropbox link so we don't have to download the song to listen to it.


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Yeah, I was thinking to upload to SoundCloud, but I opted for Mediafire for some insane reason. Anyway, thank you for the criticism. I actually agree with the repetative-ness. I think I was just getting tired around writing that part, so I kind of just went with the easy way to keep it going. I've been meaning to get back to it, and change up the melodies a bit around that section.

More toward the center? I'll try it. I wanted to make it clear that there were two main leads in the song, so I wanted to seperate them, so panning was simple haha. I'll move them to the center, and play around with the placing to figure out a cool mix. Also, I kind of like the bass where it is, but I'll look into it. Thank you.

Just wondering, is there anything else you can think of that needs some improvement? I'm all ears. I want to improve haha, this is something I love doing. Thank you!